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The Medicare Exclusion Database (MED) and You

August 20, 2018

We are often asked if we have the Medicare Exclusion Database (MED) in our system. We do not collect the MED directly from CMS, but we do have this data in our system. The reason for this is because we collect our data from the primary source, as the Office of Inspector General is the primary source, we do not see a need to collect this data from the CMS as well...

You know what you need to find.
We know how to deliver it to you quickly and accurately.

The data you require needs to be catered specifically to meet your unique needs. That's why TyphoonDATA has focused its expertise on finding and delivering the most industry specific reporting available.

TyphoonDATA exists to provide organizations with a highly knowledgeable
and capable resource for accurate data reporting.

TyphoonDATA was started by a group of individuals from the compliance and background screening industries who believe that quality services begin with individual integrity. Our people are enthusiastic, vastly experienced, and driven to find new and innovative ways for our customers to succeed.

TyphoonDATA provides data products that are accurate, current, and cost effective. We provide products that contain Federal OIG Medicare Exclusions/Sanctions and State Medicaid Exclusions/Sanctions. These datasets assist in discovering medicare/medicaid fraud.

We have built a state board actions data set and also provide license verification services and monitoring of healthcare providers.

Finally, we provide an Applicant tracking systems (ATS) which can be used for candidate onboarding, enrollment, volunteer screening, tenant screening, pre-employment screening, and medical credentialing. This platform is lightweight and can be customized to your particular needs.

What is Medicare and Medicaid Compliance? What are the Requirements?

Hospitals; clinics; pharmacies; assisted living facilities; and other healthcare facilities and organizations are required to check for excluded Medicare/Medicaid medical providers.

  1. Fines range from $10,000 - $1,000,000 per violation
  2. Fines average in the hundreds of thousands of dollars
  3. The cost of compliance is extremely cheap when compared to the cost of the fines.

There are a number of reasons to do business with us:

  1. Our Medicare/Medicaid Exclusion and Sanction Datasets capitalize on better data collection practices and recent data developments. Both of the federal primary data sources OIG and (formerly EPLS) have undergone significant technology advancements within the last year. Several of these enhancements have included the expansion of data provided as well as changes in the data structure.
  2. We have better technology. The importance of using current technology and planning to keep up to date on technology advances cannot be understated. Typhoon Data LC uses current technology and stays on the cutting edge of all technology advancements.
  3. Our products embody end-to-end technology automation. While some sources still require manual data collection, many have been fully automated. Our products have greater stability because much of the data collection happens automatically.
  4. Our products have a fewer false positives/false negatives. We have superior matching logic that takes into account name variations, gender, age, and additional data components with an advanced scoring algorithm.