Holiday Celebrations with Typhoon Data

Here at Typhoon Data we’ve been getting into the holiday season by celebrating over a three day period, as we couldn’t contain our excitement for the holidays to just one day. On Thursday we had the opportunity to decorate stockings as a company. The stockings turned out great (with exception to my own) and the conversation was even better.

The festivities picked up again the following day by starting with lunch at Tucanos, which allowed us to celebrate the hard work we had put in this year and provide the opportunity to socialize with our coworkers. When lunch drew to a close we were given gifts that were generous and delicious. After all this we were addressed by Questin Francis (Our CEO) to thank us and congratulate the company on the hard work we had been doing all year.

After our lunch we were fortunate to spend a few hours decorating cookies, doing crafts and helping facilitate a Christmas party at Provo Rehabilitation and Nursing for some of the patients that are currently staying there. It was a nice way to spend the rest of the afternoon and celebrate the holidays by getting to know people and help them celebrate their holidays too.

The next Wednesday we had the opportunity to create gingerbread houses as part of the festivities and to get to know those we don’t frequently work with. The end results were creative and unique, one of our employees came up with a lengthy backstory to why their gingerbread spaceship (they took liberties with the resources they were given) should win. All in all, it was a fun activity for all those involved.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Typhoon Data!

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