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Bulk Data

Our data is always fresh, because we are always updating. Every day, our team retrieves, extracts, and loads data into our dataset. Our data is clean, actionable, and there's plenty of it. We do offer sections of our data in bulk to help your dataset thrive and grow.
We can do a one time data dump, or we're happy to send you updates by the month. With our experience and expertise, we've had practice in getting that "hard-to-get" data. Because of this, we're an affordable choice in filling your gaps. Our advances in automation and process tools makes it possible for us to offer it to you in a cost-effective way so you don't have to worry about FTE additions.
For example, maybe you and your team have collected a large database of Florida and Georgia records and would like to extend your business to the whole East Coast. We can help with that. We can divide data by sources, states, or dates to make this data fit your needs.
We'd like to partner with you to make sure your customers are getting the whole picture. For example, if you have a gap the size of 2013. We can help you fill that gap and create a better dataset for your company.
You can reach us through our contact page, shoot us an email, or give us a call at: 800.780.5901.
You can even request a live demo online. Either way, connect with us today to learn how we can greatly enhance your Exclusion Monitoring and Healthcare Compliance operation.