Get the Entire Picture on Your Employees

We Believe

As a rule, TyphoonDATA believes that most people are inherently good. We believe that nurses, doctors, and pharmacists got into their field because they love what they do and do it well. Unfortunately, a small percentage of unethical medical professionals exist among the ethical professionals.

What's the Problem?

The problem is, when a license is revoked, it means the individual cannot work with that license any longer. If an individual with a suspended or revoked medical license crosses state boundaries and attempts to practice, he or she is placing the healthcare companies and patients at risk of malpractice.

Here's a Real World Example:

In 2009, a physical therapist had his license revoked in Arizona. Within the month of the revocation, he picked up and moved to Washington. He did not disclose his previous revocation.

For six years, he was working in and around the healthcare industry because of his past physical therapy experience, without actually using a physical therapy license. He became a CNA and because he was not disclosing his previous revocation, the hospital was unaware of his past indiscretions.

What's the Solution?

We monitor your employees against actions in all 50 states. We do license checks, as well as sanction and exclusion searches. We run your employees names against a large database of sanctioned and excluded individuals to confirm that there is nothing you don't know about your employee.

When healthcare professionals are tasked with keeping our customers healthy and safe, it's our responsibility to make absolutely sure they are up for the job.

If this sounds like something your company needs: