Know the problem as soon as possible

We Know

Doctors could potentially have malpractice claims, settlements, and other issues that affect their ability to provider services. If a doctor's license is revoked, put on probation, or added to a list of federal exclusions, the doctor must stop working and face the consequences of their actions.

What's the Problem?

Because of the intricacies and depth of the compliance industry, there is not only one place to find board action or exclusion data. There are many places where actions and exclusions can be found. It is difficult for a hospital, pharmacy, and background screening company knows every place to look.

Here's a Real World Example:

In January 2015, a physician in Michigan was charged by the department of justice for conspiring to commit healthcare fraud. Though she was charged by the Department of Justice, because the Michigan Board of Medicine didn't meet until March, her license remained active. The only place to find the action for two months was inside of the DOJ Press Releases.

What's the Solution?

TyphoonDATA retrieves actions and exclusions from all the boards that post actions. Additionally, we collect records from press releases sources like the Department of Justice and DEA to act as an early warning system for our clients. If your employees are enrolled in our continuous monitoring system, you'll be notified of the action as soon as the data is loaded.