Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you get your data? How often is it updated?
  • We get our data straight from the source. We collect the OIG/LEIE and SAM from the source as soon as it's released every month. As for the other board action sources, we check them at the very least once a month and collect all new sanction/discipline data.
  • What is the difference between Exclusions, Board Actions and sanctions? Aren't they all the same?
  • A board action is an action against an individual's license from the board. This can be anything from a fine to a revocation.

    An exclusion means you are excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and all other Federal healthcare programs. You can have a board action, and also be excluded. In many cases, the board action can lead to an exclusion.

    A sanction could be a board action or an exclusion. Sanction is a term that was used often when referring to a disciplinary action or exclusion. It was a catch all term. Sanction is just another term for action or exclusion.
  • What's the difference between monitoring and a single search?
  • A single search is performed once. We run that name and return the results. You can look back at these results as many times as you'd like, however, the results are frozen in time. They are the results from that day. You will not receive any updated records or information. This is a good search for a possible hire.

    If an individual is enrolled in continuous monitoring, results will be returned on a continuous basis as we receive it. If the individual is enrolled in license monitoring, we check it every quarter to confirm there is no new information. We also check during the month leading up the expiration of the license. Monitoring an individual's board actions, exclusions, and license will provide the highest level of assurance and the timeliest response to any issue.
  • What does continuous monitoring mean? Does it differ from monthly monitoring?
  • Continuous monitoring is constant. With many monitoring services, the company will run the batch of monitored individuals once a month and everything that was loaded that month will be searched against the names that have been selected. With continuous monitoring however, you will be alerted as soon as a possible match has occurred. Our system monitors each enrolled individual against all the data coming into our system each day. With each load of data, possible matches are being found. So, your company doesn't have to wait 30 days. You'll be getting the data as soon as it's loaded. Which eliminates more risk.
  • Do you have any certifications?
  • We are a NCQA Certified CVO in the five areas we do business in. DEA Certifcation, License to Practice, Medical Board Sanctions, Medicare/Medcaid Sanctions, and Ongoing Monitoring Sanctions.
  • How does TyphoonDATA differ from the other medical provider data companies out there?
  • Automation. We have a strong technology centric system. We closely monitor various state and federal boards and agencies to get data as soon as possible, and we cut out as much human intervention as possible to leave the data clean and precise.

    Quick Turn Around Times.

    Continuous improvement. We strive to continually get better. We believe in Kaizen (the act of continuous improvement), and always are asking ourselves what is the best practice for us and our customers.

    An intensive training program. We want to make sure that our employees know the industry, know our processes and understand the importance of the work before dropping them into the deep end.

    A strong morale. We pride ourselves in happy employees. When people are treated with the respect they deserve, they do a better job.
  • What is involved in a verification? Is that something we can do in house?
  • A verification is the process of looking at the individual that is enrolled in our system and comparing it to the possible hit that was found and confirming or denying a match. This process can be done in house. We provide any data we have attached to each record to assist in this process. However, other third party tools may be required for tricky situations where the board or agency provides very limited data.

    If you'd prefer not to do a verification, our team of seasoned professionals will validate this data for you. When you order verifications, you will only be alerted of the verified matches, instead of being alerted with all the possible matches. Many companies find this helpful. It eliminates their need to dig through every piece of data so they can focus on the data that is pertinent to their individual.
  • Who do I contact for more information?
  • Contact our customer service staff! They're always happy to walk you through any issues, problems, or questions. You can contact them by emailing or calling (800) 780-5901.