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We know our data is not one size fits all, and that different industries will use our data differently. So click on the industry below that best suits your needs.

Healthcare Compliance

Use our data to help with your exclusion data collection and board action monitoring needs. See how our datasets and services can help you and your clients stay compliant and informed of issues with your staff or provider network.

Alert Systems

Access to our monitoring system and integratable data solutions and services will help you stay current, and will provide you with actionable data on an ongoing basis.

Background Screening

Our data not only meets, but exceeds the industry standards for screening. Exclusion screening is not only required for medical professionals. If your providers are not being screened but you are providing services that are being billed to Medicare or Medicaid, you could be at risk. Use our solutions to stay compliant and minimize risk.

Pharmacy Solutions

Your industry is updating, changing and advancing every day. Our solutions are built to handle the constantly changing requirements you face. Keep a handle on your providers with our license check services and exclusions/board action database solutions.

Credentialing Software

There are so many pieces to your job that take time. Why don't you let us help you? We can provide integrated monitoring solutions for licenses, board actions, and exclusions. Our quick turnaround times and comprehensive service will give you and your clients peace of mind. We have integration and data subscription options.

Medical Billing

We're here to help you with datasets and tools to make sure all your bases are covered before you submit claims. Don't get caught in the middle by billing Medicare for work provided by an excluded or unlicensed party.

Financial Services

When an individual or organization has been excluded from participation in a State or Federal program or had their license revoked, there is potential for risk. It can indicate larger issues such as a diminished customer pool or lost income potential. Using our State and Federal exclusions datasets and other services will help you make the best decisions for your clients.