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Credentialing Software

Credentialing is a complicated and timely process. It requires experience, know-how, and time. So why not let TyphoonDATA help lighten the load? We can do the primary source searches for you, allowing faster turnaround times for you and your customers. Our myriad of datasets will make your process – and your job a good bit easier.

The TyphoonDATA Solution

We have OIG, SAM, Federal and State Exclusion sources, as well as all board actions across the 50 states and DC. Our data is updated monthly at the very least, ensuring you're always getting the most up-to-date data. We verify state licenses and certifications for all medical professions, and maintain historical data. This allows you to see the entire picture–not only in real-time, but from a historical perspective as well. Our fully-integratable solutions are supported by unsurpassed services including:
  • License Look-ups, Checks, and Monitoring
  • Medicare and Medicaid Exclusion Data
  • Monitoring Services
When credentialing your providers, timeliness is important. Every day that your physicians, nurses, or caregivers are not properly credentialed, is one more day that they are not performing for you or your patients. Let TyphoonDATA help you get those professionals back to work. All our datasets are in one place and are available for verification services so you don't have the distraction of additional hang-ups.
You can reach us through our contact page, shoot us an email, or give us a call at: 800.780.5901.
You can even request a live demo online. Either way, connect with us today to learn how we can greatly enhance your Exclusion Monitoring and Healthcare Compliance operation.
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The TyphoonDATA Difference

Our turnaround times are the quickest in the industry. Through our cutting-edge automation, license checks are returning quicker and more accurately than any other provider. All of our searches are primary sourced, eliminating the need for multiple database checks, making us a one-stop shop for credentialing data solutions. To learn more about our data and what makes TyphoonDATA the premier credentialing data solutions provider, click here.