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Exclusion Monitoring & Healthcare Compliance

Collecting and monitoring exclusion data can be challenging, to say the least, especially when there is so much "hard-to-get" data out there, slowing and even disrupting the process. Collecting the accurate data you need quickly and easily can seem just a pipe dream at best. Enter TyphoonDATA. We collect primary source exclusions, press releases, abuse registries, board action data, and more, to give you a proven and reliable data resource. From the hard-to-get data, to the rarely posted, to the needles in haystacks – we can get the data you need in a timely and reliable fashion so you can maintain a successful compliance operation.

The TyphoonDATA Solution

To help you overcome your unique challenges, TyphoonDATA provides complete datasets – both those you are currently collecting and those you are missing or struggling to get. All of our fully integratable solutions are designed to include the following services:
  • License Look-ups, Checks, and Monitoring
  • Hard-to-get Board Action Data
  • Medicare and Medicaid Exclusion Data
  • License Verifications and Monitoring
  • Verification Services
  • Monitoring Services
If you currently do not collect Board Action Data or Abuse Registry Data, don't worry. We have you covered. Best yet, all of our versatile solutions can be purchased in bundles or as individual products to address your specific needs.
You can reach us through our Contact page, shoot us an email, or give us a call at: 800.780.5901.
You can even request a live demo online. Either way, connect with us today to learn how we can greatly enhance your Exclusion Monitoring and Healthcare Compliance operation.
Healthcare Compliance | Typhoon Data

The TyphoonDATA Difference

TyphoonDATA delivers industry-leading data solutions to Exclusion Monitoring and Healthcare Compliance entities through our innovative technologies as robust datasets. We have totally reinvented the way the industry views compliance data reporting. To learn more about are data and what makes TyphoonDATA the premier medical compliance data provider, click here.