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The TyphoonDATA Difference

Our Robust Datasets

We don't collect only Medical Exclusions, or only Federal Exclusions. We collect it all. We have over 1,000 sources that we collect sanction and licensing data from.

Our Comprehensive Automation

Our technology team is constantly learning new ways to get the most up-to-date data from all our sources. They are improving and building new technologies to make our product the most up-to-date product available.

Our Industry Knowledge

Our leadership team has been in this industry for many years. We learn and know our customers' needs.

Our Training

We take the time to make sure our team knows what they are doing. We do not throw our team members into the deep end and see if they swim. We understand how important our work is. We understand that the training must be rigorous to make fewer mistakes and catch every single thing.

Continuous Improvement

We are not bound to the ways of the past. We know what our customers need, but we aren't bound to those ideas. We want to improve and change and meet our customers' needs.

No Stale Data

Instead of retrieving a large list of licensing data, we go directly to the source when a license check is ordered.

We do a better job of collecting data than our competitors. We utilize automation on key sources to make sure we always have fresh data.

We're Here for You

Unfortunately we don't live in a world where health care providers disclose all of their past indiscretions. Our customers are expected to know every relevant thing about their employees ability to practice and provide services.

Our customers are trusted to employ caring, qualified, and properly licensed providers and TyphoonDATA is here to help them maintain that trust. We want to illuminate the disciplinary actions, sanctions, or exclusions that are connected to the employees of our customers.

Our customers breathe easy, knowing that they have a more complete picture of their employees.

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