TyphoonDATA's History

TyphoonDATA was established in 2014 and is a privately owned, Utah based company. Its founders combined decades of experience to create their vision of a more streamlined approach to healthcare compliance monitoring.
TyphoonDATA's founders saw a need for better products in this industry. They focused on a direct approach to exclusion, sanction searches, and license checks. They found that if you have a good partnership between technology and operations, the product will excel and grow in a robust way. Due to their focus on automation and operational processes, they created a platform which loads data quicker, provides richer content, and allows services to be turned-around much faster than its competitors. The platform also allows TyphoonDATA to offer a more cost effective solution to its customers.

TyphoonDATA's Philosophy

TyphoonDATA believes that it is our customers that define value – a definition that is constantly evolving as our customer strive to remain compliant and provide services to their customers. In order to stay ahead of the needs of our customers, we strive to identify the value streams of our data solutions. We employ a philosophy known as Lean Thinking, normally used extensively in manufacturing, to foster an environment of continuous process improvement. These principals guide us in understanding all of the complexities and factors of the industry while striving for effective and efficient data solutions. This holistic approach allows us to be more responsive, better at meeting user needs, and a trusted resource for reliable data.