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Our data coverage is both wide and deep, allowing you to reach into the past and give your clients the full picture of an individual or organization. Our datasets are versatile in that you can purchase them separately, or bundled together. If you feel that your current process for OIG is on point, but you think you need help with Board Actions or State Exclusions. Because our data is flexible and can be separated out, you have the option to pick and choose what you want to search.
Feel free to bundle our solutions to fit your needs. We have the ability to integrate our solutions into your platform or offer a platform for you. We have aggressive pricing to match your needs. And Subscription pricing available upon request.
We have a myriad of datasets, and we are completely unsheltered when it comes to our source list. We are willing to provide coverage maps and federal source lists to any and all potential customers. We have over 1200 sources, and we're always adding. Our datasets include: SAM, OIG, and all federal exclusions; U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ); Primary Source Press Releases; State Exclusions, State Actions, and Board Action Data (All 50 states and DC); Abuse Registry/Imposter Alert. That's just the beginning. Contact Us and we'll provide you with a coverage map.
You can reach us through our contact page, shoot us an email, or give us a call at: 800.780.5901.
You can even request a live demo online. Either way, connect with us today to learn how we can greatly enhance your Exclusion Monitoring and Healthcare Compliance operation.